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The application aims to improve the situation of people that don’t see any meaning of life, or suffer from states of depression, or perhaps suicidal thoughts come to them. However, everyone can choose from the features offered by the app.

It was designed by a psychologist and the texts YOU COULD CONSIDER in the recommendation for mood improvement are written by an experienced psychotherapist. Some features and some content have been added by the programmer.

The app is free and ad-free, and that's how it stays. This is a purely beneficient activity by the team of authors.
The goal of the app is not to favor concrete helpline, concrete philosophy or religion, or to gain grants or sponsorship.

Its only effort is to help people look at life differently than before, to understand their thoughts and feelings, to realize that it is okay to have a bad day, although they themselves can do something to make their life better.

However, this is not a miraculous application that will do everything on its own. Active user access is required when using the tools offered by the application.


My moods
Discover what can positively or negatively influence your mood.

How to add a mood and how the app can show recommendation to improve mood.
My diary
Write down what you experienced, dreamed of, what you are grateful for and the thoughts that came to you.

My strength
What gives you strength and energy to go on, when you are feeling down?

My safety
Make a plan how to stay safe, what to avoid, how you will react to critical situations.

I want to calm down
Try out selected practices for becoming calm in stressful situations.

I need help
If you can’t handle a critical situation on your own, ask your loved ones or professionals for help.


Internet access is disabled
The application is not allowed to access the Internet, so it is not able to send inserted data or data to which it has access.

Application launch can be protected
Užívateľ môže povoliť overenie používateľa pri spustení aplikácie. Totožnosť sa overí rovnakým spôsobom ako pri odomknutí obrazovky.

Data backup
Android automatic data backup is disabled, data can be backed up manually to a password-protected file. Backup file can be save localy in device or in a cloud (Dropbox, Google drive, Onedrive).

Storage / Photos, media, files
Under My Strength feature, you can insert favorite photos and photos of your achievements. The function for backup and restore saves/loads files with backup to/from storage.

Read contacts
You can grant access to contacts only to help you create need help buttons. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

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