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The application is intended for those, who are not content with the mechanical way of their life. Implemented methods "Here and now" and "STOP exercise", or even the study of teachings of E. Tolle and G. I. Gurdjieff can help the person to live his life more consciously and be your own master.

A man lives in the prison of constraining imaginations of his abilities and learnt programs for reacting to impulses. These imaginations and programs were embedded in him by his upbringing and school system.

An ordinary man is only a machine reacting to impulses, whether sensory or fictional, created by his mind, which initiate corresponding behavorial patterns (programs).

When a man becomes aware of this prison, he can break free. He can realise, that his real Self is not the one who thinks and by that he can start observing the thinking, observing the automat controlled by impulses. He will start to awaken.

Randomly app-generated signals wake a person from a mechanical way of life and constructions created by his mind. The need of evaluating the signal makes one to constantly observe himselve, otherwise he is not able to evaluate the signal based on the selected criteria.

The graphic summarization of evaluated signals according to different criteria allows the person to find out e. g. what he think about most often, which emotions control him most often, how and if his inner state is related to the currently performed activity, …

The application can find repetitive reaction patterns in evaluated signals, represented by the triplet STIMULUS-THOUGHT-FEELING. An analysis of the reaction pattern shows the biggest occurrence in weekdays and in hours of day, with which activity it is related, ... To each reaction pattern you can add a recommendation to handle the reaction, which is displayed after a signal evaluation corresponding to the reaction pattern.

Based on this information can the person get to know himself better and can start to change what he don’t like about himself. The person will start to live their life more and more consciously and becomes a human beeing.

Eckhart Tolle - Here and now

According to Eckhart Tolle the ability to fully live in the present is the most direct way to happiness and contentment.

The secret lies with the realisation of the fact that our ego is bound to the past (even when it cannot be changed) or to the future (even when we cannot know it).

The understanding that the only existing reality is the present moment allows the person to get rid of the unfruitful attachment to fantasies and fully accept life.

The mind is always trying to drag us into solving fictional situations in the future or experiences from the past. The signals generated by the app and the need of their consecutive evaluation make the person return from their constructions of thoughts to the present moment and live their life as consciously and in the present as possible.

G.I.Gurdjieff - STOP exercise

Every man has a certain amount of his own body movements and poses, which are in addition firmly connected to certain undergone forms of thinking and feeling. According to that, a man can’t change the way he think or feel as long as he don’t change the set of his movements and poses.

Every movement of a man is only an automatic transition from one pose to another. Automatism of thinking and feeling is firmly connected to the automatism of movement. One can’t be changed without a change of the other.

The STOP exercise is based on a way, where with the teacher’s signal "STOP" all students must immediately and regardless of what they are currently doing intercept all of their movements and stay still in the pose, in which the signal caught them.

They have to keep the direction of their gaze, the facial expression, the tension in their muscles and stop the flow of their thoughts. They must hold the stillness till the moment, when the next teacher’s command "CONTINUE" is said.

A man must be aware of himself, so he don’t miss the STOP signal, so he stop immediately after it’s rang and don’t finish the transition to normal pose.

Be conscious

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